Working with themes based on heavy usage of third party plugins without affecting the Virtual Dom

(Tanuj Upreti) #1

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is he most appropriate place to post this.
Actually i’m working on a project. I’m totally comfortable with react, redux,immutable js, saga, thunk and most of the terms or tech associated with react js as its been 1+ years since the time i started in React.
But the thing that im clueless about is:- If we have any random theme such as for eg. metronic by keenthemes, which is a huge theme making extensive use of jquery and lots of other plugins. But since react is all about the virtual DOM. So what can be the most relevant options to integrate such themes into your create-react-app or any other boilerplates without affecting the Virtual Dom.
I read a few post for managing such operations in componentWillMount and componentWillUnmount.
If this is not the correct place for such queries, i’m extremely sorry but it would be great favor if someone could give some kind of reference or something from where i can get to know a bit about this part.


(Anurag Sharma) #2

I would recommend creating wrapper theme components with renderProp for such integrations.

Following is the reference to create a wrapper component using 3rd party libraries -

Using renderProps -

I hope it helps you out.