Which npm package(s) best to integrate Google and Bing Maps that are React based

(Top Gun) #1

We have currently a production application that makes use of Google and Bing maps for showing its Units (Cars) location on map.
I had built it earlier using core javascript but now intend to shift all this to React so as to benefit with its declarative style approach, because the old code is too messy and has become quite huge making it difficult to maintain.

I am but confused, which npm package(s) to use for Google and Bing that are React based. I need such package(s) that not only allow us to use the Google/Bing map the React way but also enable us to use their core mapControl object from code if needed. Must have good reputation plus that are maintained regularly by its contributors.

Please guide.

(Evan Siroky) #2

It’s not Google or Bing, but there is React-Leaflet which uses OpenStreetMap.

(Top Gun) #3

Sorry dear but my client has sadly strict requirement thats limited just to Google and Bing.

(Top Gun) #4

This looks like something close to what I need

(Iniamudhan) #5

Find React.js version of bingmaps


(Tvrqvoise) #6

Leaflet supports other tile providers, such as Bing & Google maps.