Which is the best React based Grid to use on web pages?

(Top Gun) #1

I have checked, there are lots of React based Grids available on npm but I want to know which one is the best: feature-wise, has good documentation plus with a good supportive community behind it.

Can anyone guide me on this? Thanks

(Juho Vepsäläinen) #2

I have been working on a solution known as Reactabular. I wouldn’t say it’s the best solution as that depends so much on the context, but at least based on the feedback I’ve been getting people have found it useful.

Think it more as a framework you can use to build your own grid than something standalone (there’s a standalone version too, though). It’s this flexibility that sets it apart in good and bad. It will likely take more code to achieve certain things, but in return you get something to tweak to your liking. I’ve tried to develop it so that it doesn’t stand in your way and the next major release due soon will improve the API further (focus on nested columns in particular).

Out of other solutions Facebook’s FixedDataTable is very famous. Also Griddle is worth mentioning and they are steadily working towards 1.0. You can also find many others as there are plenty of options. No clear “winner” has emerged yet and you have to figure out what might work for your particular use case the best.

(Top Gun) #3

Nice suggestions. Really like them. Thanks @bebraw

(Real B12) #4

Is there an update on this? New “best” grids around ?

(Long Nguyen) #5

agGrid work best for us https://www.ag-grid.com/