What was the hardest thing to learn about React?

(React.js Teacher) #1

For me it was the idea that components can take on so many different formats, from JavaScript functions to the, at first odd, JSX format. With time you get used to it.

What are the things you found challenging about learning React? And what are some of the things you still need to learn?

I’m a tutorial writer and this will help me decide on what the next subject should be. I’m planning a set of tutorials on React Native.

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Managing states

(marher) #3

The very first stumbling block for me was the fact that different beginner tutorials used stateful and stateless component formats or new es6 formats. This made components’ syntax different depending on a tutorial.

If you don’t know / understand those differences, you just go with one tutorial learn something and then go to another where things look completely different which confuses you even more.

My common mistake / source of confusion was which parts of the code should go in A and which in B:

export class MyComponent extends Component {
render() {

After that, my common mistake has been not to .bind() functions.

Now, my major source of confusion which I’m slowly improving is more to do with redux, not necessarily react.

  • how / where to hydrate state,
  • how to design / partition your state, etc.

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I agree. That’s actually a valid reason. I’ve stumbled into this at a starting point as well. Thanks for your reply!