what is the best IDE for React?

(Bill Do) #62

I’m using Visual Code for React! :slight_smile:

(Evileddie666) #63

Visual Studio Code

(Jose Santos) #64

I use spacemacs (emacs) with React’s layer

For formatting, I use prettier with prettier-emacs and added a hook on my configuration file to run prettier each time I save.

Then I use magit (highly recommended) as a “git client”.

(Oleksandr Golovatuy) #65

Visual Studio Code is pretty nice and fast. Also, WebStorm is good but VS Code is free.

(Andre Glegg) #66

Webstorm is absolutely the best, there is no editor out there for react that comes close. I recommend it especially for new users.

(Inseong Park) #67

I’m moving from atom to visual studio code,
Atom has been good but too slow

(Muhammad Rosyid) #68

I used WebStorm from JetBrains

(Loukas Andreadelis) #69

I learned React in Atom but as also a Java developer I’m using IntelliJ IDEA.
So Atom for simplicity and IntelliJ IDEA (superset of WebStorm) for powerfulness (comes with complexity as already stated). None is the best for everyone. It depends on your personal preferences. But both will finally get the job done!