what is the best IDE for React?

(Jason Cone) #42

I’ve been happily using Atom.

(Igsem) #43

I use PHPStorm but it is the same as Webstorm…awesome integration with React, new projects with create-react-app plugins for flow, linting, ES6, autocompletion, live templates and everything you can think off…really speeds up the development, discovers errors which you wouldn’t realize and it is fast as hell :slight_smile:

(Con Antonakos) #44

I just switched to VSCode from Sublime Text, and I absolutely love it. I don’t think there is one to rule them all… yet… :wink:

(Murtaza Basrai) #45

I think there are multiple angles to look at while choosing the right editor/IDE for a particular language. A editor may have lot of plugins/integrations available for a language but might not have a overall user-friendly experience. The best editor simply is a matter of perspective after a certain extent. So I would suggest to form one’s own opinion after studying the pros/cons and compatibility for all popular editors.

I have posted an article where I have listed all popular editors, their support and compatibility for React/React-Native and the description with available plugins for React integration. Hope that is helpful.

Link: Top 10 Editors For React Native - https://www.icicletech.com/blog/top-10-editors-for-react-native

(Callpri) #46

I really like to use Codelobster

(Akmurat Saktagan) #47

Check out the Reactide. New IDE dedicated for React

(Igsem) #48

I tried Atom, Nuclide, Sublime…but the best so far is Webstorm…it is paid but definitely worth the money

(React.js Teacher) #49

PHPStorm or WebStorm hands down are the best IDEs for web development. But, they are not free. Still, they are outstanding tools if you really get into shortcuts and actual features. It’s so much more than an IDE, you can auto-upload your files on Ctrl-S via FTP or SFTP. It has support for all versioning software like GitHub, VCS and Perforce. You can submit to GitHub directly from the IDE.

(Ramya) #50

There are many IDEs for React, Atom is one of the most popular IDEs used. Apart from that below are some more IDEs generally used for React projects:

  1. Sublime Text
  2. Nuclide
  3. Visual Studio Code
  4. Vim Editor
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(Matthew Carlson) #51

I use VS Code for React, ES6, and Flow. It works great. Here are my top extensions:

  • Flow Language Support
  • ESLint
  • stylelint
  • Code Spellchecker
  • Git History (git log)
  • Git Lens
  • npm
  • Version Lens
  • vscode-icons
  • Debugger for Chrome

(Anton Voltchok) #52

Have to concur with what seems to be the majority - WebStorm - it’s not free, but that’s probably why it’s amazing, IntelliSense on it is outstanding, so many customization options, what sends it over the top for me is the Live Templates you can setup which are completely different from macros, I recognized everything I type out the most and setup a live template for it, at this point I can code as quickly as I think it’s extremely useful. (it’s not the same as macros which suck in comparison) Plus even though you have to pay a subscription for it, the guys who make it are very fair and every year that you have the subscription to it, you pay less and less and less, plus the update the thing all the time, it’s so worth it.

(Pushpa Raj Badu) #53

I use Vim and working perfectly for me. my dotfiles

(Emmett Palaima) #54

Sublime Text with the Terminal View add-on works very well for me: https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Terminal

(Behnam Mohammadi (بهنام محمدی)) #55

VS Code new version good support reactjs

(Joetidee) #56

Not sure why you expect something good to be free (?)

(Callpri) #57

My choice is Codelobster
It works great with many JS frameworks including React.

(Tony Brown) #58

I can’t seem to download the editor?

(咸鱼君) #59

VS Code with React/Redux/react-router Snippets

(Hiển Nguyễn Văn) #60

I’m using Sublime 3 + Babel :slight_smile:

(Eonezhang) #61

I use web storm, is that too heavy?