what is the best IDE for React?

(Jose Reyes) #21

Late to the party but yeah I use Atom + react and javascript plugins. cheers.

(Fez Vrasta) #22

I always used Brackets, but when I started working with React I had to switch to a different editor due to the complete lack of support by Brackets.

I’m now using Atom with ton of plugins to work with React and be comfortable, these are the ones needed to work with React:

  • language-babel by gandm
  • linter-eslint by AtomLinter
  • react by orktes

the latter, especially, has an awesome support for React and JSX stuff.

(Allthetime) #23

Another Sublime-head checking in.

Babel plugin is all I need, it does syntax and has some React templating/autocomplete definitions.

I’ve never really used a fully featured IDE for any language though, it would be amazing to have something that lets you explore the structure of the app (Components, Methods, State, etc.)

(Fez Vrasta) #24

I’m with Atom as well and it works fine.

(Jose Reyes) #25

Atom user here…

(sakal) #26

WebStorm is most powerfull IDE for React: understand JSX Harmony, Components, props, state, etc. Has code auto formatting, understand npm scriptsm etc.

(leforgedroid) #27

Way late, sorry. Agree with Visual Studio Code. I have VS Enterprise through my company (waaaaaay too expensive for my personal use), but I use VS Code for react. I was pleasantly surprised with how much came built/baked-in for the various react stacks (not to mention what you can add on), plus it’s very responsive.

(Robaguilera) #28

Another Atom user here. Works great for me.


Love that I can configure ever piece of it if needed. Tried Webstorm but was overwhelmed, but I do agree that it’s powerful with TONS of functionality.

Side Note - Emmet works within JSX. Even expands div.foo to <div className="foo">

(Brent Mulligan) #29

WebStorm works great.

Regarding ESLint/WebStorm (which I notice @jurgob was asking about a few months back): It works perfect. Issues are caught inline as you type with indicator visible on the first letter of the offending string and a indicator on the line number.

One thing I recommend doing if you start to use WebStorm and have a powerful machine is to increase the memory limit. By default it is set at 512MB so for me it was running out of memory and performing badly. I increased mine to 2048MB and now it’s perfect. WebStorm can be a little bit of a pain to set up but once you get it going it’s super powerful.

(Dnichk) #30

You have “react” and “language-babel” installed? My Atom started reporting a conflict…

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(Matteo Tammaccaro) #33

I also use VS Code, could you give a list of “must have” plug-in?

(Leone) #34

VSCode in Ubuntu. Used with typescript … I find it really awesome.

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(Tony Brown) #36

I use vim with JSX and react snippets plugin and love it.
I’m in the terminal all day so vim works well with my workflow.

If I have to use an IDE, I’ll use webstorm but rarely.

(Hyy) #37

My favorite is webstorm, but usually open more than three, it will lead to Mac slow running, perhaps too much memory consumption

(Eduard Tkv) #38

Netbeans, couldn’t be happier. Tried Brackets, VS Code, Atom and always go back to Netbeans

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(Alex) #40

Second this, I’m a VS Code user by heart.

(Ihtml5) #41