What are the good courses to learn React?

(Pubudu Kodikara) #1

I did some research and picked two courses… One is a udemy course from Stephen Grider : Modern React with Redux (https://www.udemy.com/react-redux) and the other is the React for Beginners (https://reactforbeginners.com/) Course from Wes Bos React For Beginners

Between these two, what is the best to learn react the right way? Any other better recommendations?

(George Kiknadze) #2

Currently I’m learning React from this website:

I have completed 30% of free course and I think it’s really great tutorial with awesome Slack group :slight_smile:

(Jose Reyes) #3

Pluralsight is typically my first stop when learning new technology. There are currently several courses that are related to React. They are of pretty high quality.

Youtube can be a mixed bag. However there can b great videos there too.

Good luck!

(Tim Goyer) #4

I second Pluralsight. Cory House has a good introductory React course. Plus, he has a good React/Redux course that he just released a couple weeks ago that goes beyond basics into immutable store state and unit testing.

Both are worth watching.

(Ysfzrn) #5

My favorite is egghead.

Other my suggestions

(Kamil Przeorski) #6

We are working on the ReactJS and React Native free tutorials:

  1. Free ReactJS tutorial: ReactJS Redux: Mastering Best Practices at https://reactjs.co
  2. Free React Native tutorial: React Native: Mastering Best Practices at https://reactjs.co/react-native-convention/
  3. Soon, we will add also a full stack ReactJS tutorial with GraphQL server in the backend. Stay tuned and check the www.reactjs.co

(Tony Brown) #7

The react program from Tyler and now Ryan and Michael from React-Router is one the best I’ve tried.
Frontend Masters has some good ones on there too

(Tomi Kaistila) #8

Eggheads just recently uploaded a new version of their React-Router course. It is specific to React-Router but worth watching, although it is only free for a while. But all the more reason to check it out now.


I particularly enjoy the Egghead courses. Had a lot of positive experiences there, including the first React course that made sense, was up to date, and short without hours of extra chaff, like so many courses are in places like udemy.

(Raul Medina) #9

I learned React and React-Native in Udemy, with Stephen Grider. Very hands-on and cheap when there are discounts on Udemy.

(Jdresolver Rest) #10

I’ve been taking all possible courses on react-redux, the only one who get me to wrap my head around Redux, Server-side rendering was the following on Udemy which also include an e-Book:

Unfortunately is a payware, but it was absolutely worth.

(Jeremy) #11

Udacity just launched a React Nanodegree built by the guys behind the most popular 3rd-party React library: https://www.udacity.com/course/react-nanodegree--nd019

Just note: The deadline for the first cohort is Tuesday, June 27.

(Jennifer Nil) #12

I think fisrt is better to start. More clear.

Also if you want to talk about React https://thinkmobiles.com/reactjs-development/

(Tony Brown) #13

I have done both of them and can recommend them both. Now just keep building applications.
A good book to read is Learning React from O’Reilly.
In my opinion though, the one from Tyler McGinnis is the best.

(Suchi Singh) #14

I learnt React by going through the community up-voted react tutorials, less time wastage.

(Evileddie666) #15

Make sure you get a newer one that uses ES6. There are alot of older ones that use older notation.

(Hulia91) #16

Guess, that newcomers want talk more with skilled developers.
Recommend you this source React vs Angular

(Alexblack10) #17

The number of web development frameworks and libraries based on JavaScript continues increasing. The most popular client-side technologies are Angular and React, but you might ask - What should I use?