Welcome, React Native Community group!

(Brent Vatne) #1

This is the new home for React Native community discussions! We’re hopeful that it will lead to more organized and productive discussions than were possible on the Facebook group.

Why move to this forum?

I’m sure any of you who have spent any time in the Facebook group have seen certain posts repeated every day (“what should I use for my database?” “redux or mobx?” “should I use expo?” “have you heard about flutter?” etc) - this forum will surface posts related to the title when you create a new post, which should help to keep things in order rather than represent a community stream of consciousness. Additionally, it’s easier search and to read and link to threaded conversations on here. You can also post code snippets!

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There are a lot of new faces here everyday, and we want everyone to get good support and benefit from the community. Please take a moment to observe the following rules as they are in place to make the forum a friendlier place for everyone.

  1. Please keep links related to React or React Native development
  2. Please post questions with the related code on StackOverflow with the react-native tag
  3. Feel free to link to issues or StackOverflow questions in this forum for more visibility
  4. Please keep content friendly to everyone (anything remotely lewd, sexist or in poor taste will be removed)
  5. Don’t promote paid content in the group, ask us first
  6. Be more constructive than critical

We actively moderate the group. So please report any post you find which violate the guidelines.

(Sophie Alpert) #2