Weekly scheduler component for adding/editing availability?

(Ken Fehling) #1

Does anyone know of an open source component for preferably React but perhaps JS in general for specifying ranges of times on different days of the week (availability for weekly meetings, employee shifts, etc.)

So far I’ve been creating my own from scratch. It looks like this:

I want to be able to drag items onto and around the grid, and have items that span different days to wrap (like the orange one in my image). Also the ability to have the items snap to a certain granularity (15 minutes).

Does anyone know of any components that exist like this, have advice for building one, or know of any terms I can search for that describe this?

(Gregory Orton) #2

Did you ever get anywhere with this? This is exactly the kind of component that I’m looking for too – but so far, no luck.

(Justin E Samuels) #3

Look into moment.js and moment-range.js for keeping track of time and length of time thats passed