Want to make the React.js repo easier to understand. Need your help!

(Perborgen) #1

Hey all,

I’m Per, co-founder of Scrimba, a platform for creating interactive coding screencasts. We’re want to sponsor someone to create an introductory tutorial on the React.js repo itself, in order to make the repo easier to understand for potential open source contributors.

Is anybody here would be interested in such a job? We’ll pay you either by the hour or a fixed price, and the creation process in Scrimba is super simple.

We’re looking for a high-level overview, typically the first thing people watch in order to start understanding what’s going on ‘under the hood’.

Hope to hear from someone here! You can also email me at per@scrimba.com if you want.

(Alex Luong) #2

This is an amazing idea. I want to help contribute but got super intimidated by React codebase.