Testing Create-React-App projects on other devices when running “npm-start”

(Ben Carp) #1

Hi, I’d like to check if there is a problem on my environement, or is it the default behavior, hope you can share your experience.
On a Create-react-app project, after running “npm start” and trying to view the project from a mobile device on the same network, using {IP}:{port}, how long does it take for the app to load? On my environment it takes over a minute, But after the build it is almost instant. I wonder if others have a similar experience.

(Root) #2

I think you should check your network. Maybe there are problems.I used to view a much bigger project from a mobile device.It took less than a minute.

(Ben Carp) #3

Sometimes it takes less than a minute. But when I use {IP}:{PORT} to view projects running on a local Struts server from the same computer and same phone it takes about 3 secs.