Telerik alternative for React-Native?

(Raul Medina) #1

Hi! I’ve been using Telerik for a while, because is very simple to deploy apps to private customers, and because it’s way easier than deploying to Apple for Review, or the Android store. Now that I’m using react-native, I look for a similar platform.

The idea for Telerik, is that the client installs the Telerik app in his/her phone, you send the client a codebar, the client scans the codebar with the Telerik app and bum! Telerik installs your app in the users phone. Is like a virtual machine for Cordova and NativeScript apps. The code runs inside their VM, so you don’t need to deploy to the stores.

I’m looking a service that does the same, but with React-Native. Does anyone knows anything like that?


(hakki riza) #2

There is a similar mobile app deployment tool, open source&free, called Expo. Check this out: