Repositories for reusable React components

(Dan Mazzini) #1

Just wanted to ask about which repositories people here like for finding React components like drowpdown lists, editable tables, etc.

I just started searching, and the two I like for now are:

The first one looks to have better search (ie, it doesn’t only search in the name of the project), but a bit less polished UI.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

(Theadd) #2

Sure. Are you on some project that will be build only making use of a few UI components? Then it’s ok. A couple more I’m more used to look at: "A picture is worth a thousand words"
Awesome React
UI Components from

Just remember that for each different component you will have to adapt the look and feel to match your application. Not mentioning responsive design. Preferably look for the less restrictive/opinionated if you might need some “out of the box” features in the future.

Otherwise, you should consider using any bigger framework to layout your components and use other separate components when that framework doesn’t provide whatever you might need. It’s just my point of view. I’ve been using third components from here and there all the time and I’ve had the same thought when dealing with many of them… “I could have done it already.” while still fighting to get that component be what you need. Although, I tend to discover another component that does the same thing I was fighting for just 10 times better and some days after I’ve already dealt with the old one… I also have to say that many awesome components/projects are released from day to day,

I like to believe that with decoupling logic from rendering in react v0.15 some standard/automatic way to create public components that inherit the default LnF (of the application running it), will see the light.

(Dan Mazzini) #3

That’s exactly why good repositories are needed :wink:

(Bryan Jacquot) #4

Feel free to checkout Grommet. While not strictly a component library (it’s more than that), the components could likely be extracted for use in other platforms.

For example:
Grommet Meter
Grommet Chart
Grommet Form

You can see a live demo of many Grommet components in action here:
Grommet Medium App

(Ipselon) #5

Dare to propose to look at this site ReactJS Component Exchange

Here you can find only two projects so far, but those projects are prepackages of components of two popular libraries React-Bootstrap and Material UI.

Also, you can start creating a prototype or just play with components on the page if you install React UI Builder and clone a project from the gallery.

(Dan Mazzini) #6

If anybody still comes here, the two websites above are closed and this is a successor for one of the two:

(Joni Sar) #7

I think that Bit is perfect for this Job:

You can organize all your components in a remote Scope, discover the ones you need, play with rendering, test results and more, and sync them in your different projects. Check it out.