Real time update with ReactJS, Redux and Websocket

(Kavindu Narathota) #1

This question is regarding the websocket integration with ReactJS and Redux. I’m trying to build an application where it has the ability to do real time updates. User A should see the changes which User B makes without refreshing the page.

Can you please tell me how to proceed with this implementation from the scratch and is there any other alterations for this? If there are any tutorials, please be kind enough to guide me to one of those.

Thank you

(Ysfzrn) #2

Hi narathota,
For a long time, this question made busy my head too. If you are using node.js on server side, I think, the best and efficent solution is feathers.js for react applications. It’s documentations and tutorials are good enough, you can try it.

(GPLTaylor) #3

A fantastic system is Firebase. This keeps the full stack up-to-date in “real-time”.