ReactJS - How to make it work in UC Browser?

(Mahesh Kumar) #1

I finished an reactjs app which is not working as expected in uc browser.

UC MINI - Works
UC MINI - SPEED MODE - Only white page
UC Browser - Only white page.

So, i tried to create new react js app using create-react-app and the plain app is not working in uc browser.
Has anyone tested their app on uc browser?

(Mikayel) #2

try to use babel-polyfill

(Mahesh Kumar) #3

That helps to make it work in uc browser and uc browser mini. But not working in speed mode.

(Abdullah Al Mamun) #4

Do you get any solution regarding this @maheshkumar2150? I am facing this problem too. I can’t open my web page from uc mini speed mode and opera mini.

(Nathaniel Suchy) #5

Many of these mobile “speed” browsers (Opera Mini, UC Mini, etc) tend to fail to keep up to the latest web standards making technologies React hard to use. As @mikayel said Babel may help with compatibility issues, it may be beneficial to prompt users of Opera and UC Browser to switch to a better web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.