React Slack Clone (source code)

(Alex Booker) #1

Source code:

My team and I are working on a hosted developer tool called Chatkit.

To test our own API and to demonstrate it’s power, we set out to build a comprehensive chat app similar to Slack. What do you think?


  • Oauth authentication (GitHub only at the moment)
  • Public and private rooms
  • Rich media
  • Typing indicators
  • “Who’s online” lists
  • Read receipts and unread message count

Hopefully you find Chatkit interesting (and maybe useful for a future project). In any case, we hope it’s a nice example of how to architect a complete React application.

(Minustwelve) #2

Do you aim to compete in some way with Slack? I mean, are there any features which are in Chatkit, that are not currently present in Slack?:slight_smile:

Anyway - great job!