React Router V4 with Redux

(GPLTaylor) #1

Hi All, support for Redux has just hit React Router V4. I am very interested in seeing what this will bring to the mix. I have created a video and git repos showing my findings. Hope this will be useful to someone here.

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(Claire Martinez) #2

the workshop seems out of date with latest react-router i.e. Match is now Route etc. Will you update?

(GPLTaylor) #3

Hi @Claire I don’t think I used Match in this video?
You might be thinking of my other vid, Intro to React Router.

However, if you want the latest update please checkout.

I will be doing another video soon now that V4 is official

(Numel) #4

Hi @gpltaylor Have you done any videos showing how to do router transitions with components. I have not come across any on the internet as of yet and it would be extremely useful to know how to do that with the new react router.

(GPLTaylor) #5

Great idea @Numel2020 the current examples are out of date. I will update and post a video soon.

(GPLTaylor) #6

Hi @Numel2020, thank you for watching the videos.
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As requested, here is a video showing how to implement transitions in RRv4

(Numel) #7

Hi @gpltaylor many many thanks for this video, it is extremely useful I am going to implement your code and see what I come up with.