React Patterns for Dashboards that display related information

(Daniel Westerdale) #1

I am a SharePoint Developer and I have asked to come up with a dashboard (page) for allowing users to view and interact with a couple of lists, represented as components or web parts. The lists can be mocked out so the question is really around what approach or pattern I should use:

Panel 1

Tabular view or add / delete form for List Component 1

Panel 2

Tabular view or add/ delete form for List Component 2

Note: List 1 can be considered that master for the detail List 2. Hence, items added to list 2 will reference list 1. Also List 1 tabular view will only also need to ensure only related detail items will be rendered in List 2 .

I have tested out the Container Pattern on a single list but I am bit of loss as to how to approach this as I am guessing the rendering of the two panels needs to be synchronised :sob: