React Native on Windows OS?

(designer24) #1

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie who is using Windows 10 on my laptop.
Is there any React Native tutorial & books which are based on Windows 10?
I realized the majority of React Native tutorial videos are on MacOS which I don’t use at all.

Also, Is it possible to render React Native project on a web browser like Chrome? and edit project in real-time?

Thanks in advance,

(Oscar Calderon) #2

Hello. IMO, you don’t need a complete tutorial about React Native on Windows 10. The only thing you need is maybe a video or a tutorial about initial configuration for Windows. But, after that, learning should be the same, regardless you’re working with OSX or Windows (although there can be some differences between Android and iOS ).

Also, i can see there’s this tool (haven’t used yet, just like you, i’m starting learning about RN - have worked with React but not RN yet) which seems to be an equivalent of create-react-app which allows you to create a zero configuration ReactJS app - You can give it a try:

For example, googling a little bit i could find this: , seems to be complete about Windows instructions.