React Native Multitouch - recognizing greater than 5 simultaneous touches

(Faddah Wolf) #1

Hi all —

I’m working on a React Native project for iOS/Android, and i’m running into a snag — we’re using onTouchStart() and onTouchEnd() (see - for a phone app that has a certain type of special keyed input on the screen, with simultaneous input (hold three screen buttons down at once, hold four down at once, etc.). For most things with this UI, five maximum touches suffices. HOWEVER, there is a case where SIX touches at once might be necessary (don’t ask me how they’d do it — put the smart phone down on the table and hold down five buttons with one hand and a sixth with the second hand, i guess, or three with one hand and three with the other - you get the drift). I’ve come across a limitation in testing this on Apple iPhones where it will register the first Five touches, but won’t acknowledge the Sixth. this makes a bit of sense, when you think about it — humans, like most primates, have only five fingers on one hand. But does anyone know a way around this so a sixth touch is also simultaneously registered? And yes, I know about React Native’s MultiTouch Gesture Responder System and functions like View.props.onStartShouldSetResponder: (evt) = true and View.props.onResonderRelease: (evt) => {}, it’s just onTouchStart() is so much easier. Any suggestions & help in getting this to work for >5 simultaneous touches would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.