React Native in public facing iOS and Android Apps

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I am currently looking at different options for mobile app development. I have read many This Vs That articles, and I am pretty much none the wiser. It’s a subjective topic.

So, I began downloading apps that each of the framework websites say use, or claim use, React Native, NativeScript, Ionic 2.

This is where it gets tricky. React Native has apps on their Showcase site that when I look into it more deeply, don’t use RN in their apps at all.

React Native Showcase Site - Airbnb Article - at the very end of the article:

We are currently exploring using React Native for some features on our main App. We have used it in other places, but never on anything public

At the end of the React Native Showcase page itself it says:

Some of these are hybrid native/React Native apps

Not all of them, but just some, and which ones? Who knows.

I’m a bit stumped at this point.

Some exception to this are the Ionic 2 showcase apps - I can see that they are running in a WebView on Android Phone by turning on Settings>Dev Options>Advanced>Show Layout Bounds - if there are no layout bounds, it’s a hybrid app running in a Web View. But then sometimes there are layout bounds, and I know that it is a native app, and has simply not been removed from the Ionic 2 showcase site.

Has anyone else experienced this when looking at example apps. I think this is good forum for this discussion - hope it is anyhow! :slight_smile: