React Native components that you want to see

(Torbjørn Vatn) #6

(Attila Hajdrik) #7

Make the components of the new Android AppCompat and Designer libraries available for React Native. It would make building Material apps a breeze!

On iOS I’m sure it is involves some code porting too, but on Android it can be just some wrappers.

(Brent Vatne) #8
  • Pick out some of the most popular iOS / Android modules from Github / Cocoapods and try to recreate in pure JS

(Nic Aitch) #9
  • Modal View segue

As defined in Apple’s docs:

(Brent Vatne) #10

@nicinabox - you can try for this, I just use basic fadeIn and fadeOut by default but you can customize:

(Brent Vatne) #11

nice last name :smile:

(Nic Aitch) #12

Hm I tried that out before, but it didn’t seem to do what I was expecting. I’ll give it another go.

(Zach Sosana) #13

I want to be able to manipulate music, say for example cutting or splicing certain aspects of a song for ringtones etc. I also want to be able to automatically locate files on a mobile phone or even log into existing music apps to get access to there files via cloud or itunes.

(yinfeng) #14

TableView, or ListView with reusable cells :laughing:

(achang28) #15

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

(Brent Vatne) #16

I implemented the swipable tabbed-navigation that I mentioned in the first post:

(Kyle Mathews) #17

Easy video recording.

(Jeff Pickhardt) #18

Component 1: Something that figures out the user’s name and other information.

Can use this technique:

Step 1. Get the name of your iPhone, which is usually something like “John Smith’s iPhone”

Step 2. Parse that with a reg ex to match the name

Step 3. (Optional, only if the app wants this, since it involves the contacts data) Scan the user’s contacts to see if there’s a contact with that name, then get the associated data (phone number, email address, etc)

Component 2: Emoticons

I don’t see something for React Native, maybe there is one and I’m missing it. But it’d be cool to be able to do something like < Emoticon type=“smiley” />

(Plrthink) #19

file transfer components like cordova-plugin-file-transfer

(Işık) #20

Tabbar on Android, swipeble and scrollable or not, like those of Whatsapp or Facebook.
Floating Action Buttons on Android.

(fisch) #21

I made a Native Module and Native UI Component just for this purpose: hopefully this helps you out.

(Tiagojdferreira) #22

Access to all google apis (geolocation, maps, …)

(Plrthink) #23

You can use or this

(Kotay) #24

I’d like to see NSAttributedString support for text inputs. I was surprised to find this wasn’t supported.

(Wkh237) #25

@asamiller, You might take a look at react-native-fetch-blob, a project which committed to make file access, upload and download more easier to RN developers :blush: