React native: Are there requirements on RAM and processorsto develope apps?

(Tomasteicher) #1

I would like to start develope apps using React native. As I found, I need Apple computer (with OSX) to develope apps. I would like to buy Mac computer only for developing apps in React native. Is it sufficient, if I buy just Mac mini ( 8 GB memory) ? I am just afraid, how much memory needs IOS emulator on OSX, I have no experience with such tools so far.
Can anybody advice, if developing mobile apps will be convenient with Mac mini characteristics?

memory - 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
500GB hard drive1
Intel HD Graphics 5000
OS X Yosemite

(Sophie Alpert) #2

I think that should be perfectly fine. Xcode can get a little CPU- and memory-hungry (you might be better off with 16GB) but you don’t need to use Xcode that much.

Also, React Native (for Android) mostly works on Windows and Linux already; see this issue for more info:

(Tomasteicher) #3

Thank you very much. I will start with Mac Mini with 8 GB memory

(Aung Myint Thein) #4

How is the performance / usability of the machine … Mac Mini 8GB for react native (iOS and Android) simulators? :slight_smile: