React JS basic questions

(Jkathir) #1

Does react JS needs a server?

Is Node JS is must or it can be run in tomcat or play or any web sever?

Can react JS libraries included in HTML and can run without any server like adding datatable in html will works for standalone?

Many of the example is tied with Node JS server and seems Node JS is mandatory


(Mikayel) #2

You can use ReactJs with any web server, nothing is mandatory. You just need to config properly. But you need NPM for build only if you want to use JSX.

In this example I am using Apache2

(Jkathir) #3

Thanks a lot.

(Jakob Lind) #4

I would also add that if you want to do SSR (server side rendering), it can be an advantage to use Nodejs because it’s simple to run the React code on the server. It’s possible on other platforms such as Java, but a bit more tricky to setup.

SSR is an advanced technique and nothing you need to learn if you are new, but could be good to know anyway.

(Isabel Jason) #5

It doesn’t require Node, as well as it doesn’t require a web program.

It’s an approach to portray a UI, and that interface could be the controls in your auto , a present day cooler screen, or you microwave catches. Anyplace a client needs to peruse and associate with an astute gadget.

Respond was at first made for the web UI however, and it’s most prominent there. Hub is the most mainstream stage for devices to make working with React less demanding.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have your React application on a Node server, you can even now utilize Node for the apparatuses to enable you to set up your JavaScript code for sending.

The most ideal approach to begin with React is simply in a web play area like jsbin or plunker, simply concentrate on React itself in the first place, you’ll take in the apparatuses later.