React components naming convention

(Charly Poly) #1

Hello everybody,

I’m new on React Discuss but not on React :grin:

For my first post, I would to share with you my last React article about architecture and more precisely about naming.

I would love to have your feedback on it and what naming convention you use.

Thanks a lot !

(Michelle de Beus) #2


I like your ideas on naming components and will be looking at how we can use this to name our own components.

I would like to point out some grammar errors so that your article can be super excellent:

  1. Here how our naming convention works (well). | should be: Here’s how our naming convention works (well).
  2. Part surrounded by “[]” are optional. | should be: Parts surrounded by “[]” are optional.
  3. The domain basically refer to the product scope. | should be: The domain basically refers to the product scope.
  4. “what this component do ?” | should be: “what does this component do ?”
  5. I’ve seen this in few other sentences as well (you are using the word ‘of’ instead of ‘for’): … ACommunity responsible of adding profiles to a short list. | should be … ACommunity responsible for adding profiles to a short list.

Thank you for sharing your naming conventions…

>> Michelle

(Charly Poly) #3

Hi Michelle,

thanks for your review, I’ve fixed all the issues!

Let me know how this convention fits for you.