React Art with Paths.js

(Jason Brown) #1

Haven’t seen a lot of react-art written about much anywhere so I figured I’d start writing about it.
So far most of it is fairly basic and not too in depth, but it’s intriguing to possibly be able to render the same visualizations on the web + native.

You can read the post here

Any feedback would be appreciated

(Sebastian Markbåge) #2

Nice article! react-art actually comes with a ReactART.Path utility built-in.

This is faster than using Paths.js since the built-in one targets the format of the current rendering mode instead having to create a string and then convert the string back to the native format.

(Jason Brown) #3

Thanks, I realized that after the fact. Had been playing with paths-js for other things so was just so used to using it.
I’ll go and add a revision to highlight ReactART.Path.