React App - App Security Scan Before Release

(Linzhaoken) #1


My team has been using React for one of our website. Now it is time that we about to ship it, but we need find a way that we can scan the app for detecting vulnerabilities.

I have searched for a while but could not find any open source tool that we can use; and we can not use any online tool as well, that will expose our code.

If you are facing the same problem and have solution please share your experience with me.


(Sophie Alpert) #2

What sort of vulnerabilities are you looking for? I’m not aware of any tools like this.

(Linzhaoken) #3

HI Sophie
Thanks for your reply. It is not a specific vulnerability that I am looking for. It is a general react app security scan, like the AppSpider tool (which my team could not use, because that will against our company’s policy).