Prototyping tool that creates ReactJS

(Todd Pierpoint) #1

We are starting a new project using ReactJS and I, as a UX Designer, would like to use a tool to design the user interface and export that where it would create ReactJS files. Is there any such tool that someone might suggest?



(Louis DeScioli) #2

Yeah… sigh. Wouldn’t we all :sleepy:

What you seek doesn’t exist, yet. There’s Deco, which looks promising, but it’s for React Native. There’s Structor, but I haven’t tried it and it explicitly says it’s not a graphic design tool.

In my opinion, the lack of a GUI for doing element layout and styling is hands-down the worst part of web development, React or otherwise. The tools have evolved a bunch — Chrome’s dev tools, webpack + hot module reloading, Redux time-travel :heart:️:heart:️ — but the lack of a visual editor for the platform means we’re still so far behind compared to how simple it should be to make a web UI.

You might be interested in React Storybook, which can help a lot with encouraging component-driven design and development.