Presentational components vs ES6 classes when rendered by React?

(Brady Edgar) #1

I have always advocated for presentational components as they are much cleaner to read, they make you think out where state really belongs, less code and personally I prefer the syntax of a presentational component vs a class component.

That being said when I bring them up at work one of the developer says “functional components actually transpiles to class by react so performance wise, it’s better to use class components in order to reduce extra process.”

Whenever I research about presentational components(even when looking for the bad things) I have never seen this come up. So I though I would open a discussion here to see what people have to say about the topic.

So my question is when building components that don’t need state, which is better and is it true that presentational components are worse off for performance due to some transpiling issue?

As a side question if anyone wants to answer this as well, is there any harm to using Recompose for handling stateful components rather than just using a class component. I ask this because I also love Recompose and whenever I need a lifecycle events or state I use Recompose as I find it is a much cleaner way of writing my components out.