PouchDB or Realm?

(gregh) #1

Starting out with React Native and want to choose an initial persistence approach to use. Really just for client side DB at this stage but would be nice to know there is a pathway to server side Sync if necessary.

Question - Is PouchDB a reasonable choice re starting? Any suggestion re which NPM pouchDB module to start with?

(Realm looks really good but if PouchDB is solid and pretty good then avoids potential for pricing/cost of Realm in future. In other words prefer not to do Realm unless it’s much more stable and easy to use than PouchDB…so I guess that’s what I’m trying to find out)

(Yang Fan) #2

Hi greg,

I am also seeking suggestion on this question. Have you found something useful? Which solution did you you finally choose?


(Rob Bisson) #3

I’ve been using Realm in RN for the last year and a half or so. The main thing you need to consider is that with Realm, if you’ve got a data set of any reasonable size, you’re going to have JS debugging issues.

I’ve mitigated it by using https://github.com/infinitered/reactotron, but it is a hurdle, and something I wish I’d known up front.

That being said, I’ve not had any performance issues.