Please share your personal learning experience with React?

(Jiyinyiyong) #1

We have topic in Chinese React forum calling for sharing of experiences on React. I’d like to hear more ideas and feelings in here.

What’s your story with React?

(Minustwelve) #2

I am at the beginning of my react.js learning path - right now I am scrolling through this (and many other) forums and trying to get myself familiar with the concepts. So far I got my hands on 2 self learning courses, though I think it would definitely be better to learn in practice, shadowing other programmers. I started learning when I got idea for an application and figured I might be needing react for this:slight_smile:

(Tiare Balbi) #3

My personal opinion, React is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to build application at the moment, what I mean with this is the level required from the library is small compared with other frameworks/libraries.

The other benefit, React allow you to break your application in a scalable solution. I created this sample using React + React Router + Flux to test some of the ideas.