Out of the Box Chat SDK for React Native

(Dave Pol Lombardo) #1

Hi guys,

I want to share you the Out of the Box Chat SDK for React Native made by ConnectyCube

The following chat features are supported:

  • Users authorization
  • 1-1 messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Public chats
  • Sent/Delivered/Read statuses
  • ‘Is typing’ statuses
  • File attachments
  • Push notifications to offline users
  • Contact list
  • Block list

React Native SDK - Getting Started: https://developers.connectycube.com/js/react-native

Chat functionality - Getting Started https://developers.connectycube.com/js/messaging

Cloud back-end is managed by ConnectyCube, so you do not need to bother about it and only concentrate on your app development.

Feel free to try it.
If you want to see more out-of-the-box code samples - please post your feedback in comments