Newbie struggling with React Native on windows, workflow very fragmented, any advice?

(Mharrisweb) #1


I have experience of using ReactJs, but am a newbie trying to develop react native apps for android on Windows 10…I’m finding the workflow very difficult indeed.

I use sublime text and android avd as an emulator.

Here are some of my problems:

  1. Multiple cmd prompts are open and I find it very confusing.
  2. Often cannot connect to my chrome debugger, and get various cryptic error messages.
  3. I am constantly restarting scripts and node, I seem to be going round in circles.

Can anyone please tell me what workflow tools you use? How do you find it?

How can I make my development experience more user friendly? Are my problems because I am using Windows?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


(Erik Martines Sanches) #2

Hi, I found this Microsoft React tutorial with VS Code to be a good starting point as it goes over how to use create-react-app to generate a react app and how to set up debugging.

Once npm start or yarn start is executed, you shouldn’t have to restart much.

(Michael Greenspan) #3

Did you make any progress? I am also on windows and have so many issues getting debugging and live reloading working consistently. I spend more time trying to get breakpoints working than actually running code. I am beyond frustratred.