Newbie questions about React

(Dariush) #1

Hey, i’m newbie in react, so i have couple question about it
i know about some lib corporate with react such as redux i want to know
1- most professional IDE
2- other lib to make react much stronger and extendable such as redux and redux form
3- tell me about extra and cool tools
4- tell me guys about your experiance, Dos and Don’ts
I’m be glad to hear your answer
thanks in advanced

(Truong Quang Noi) #2

Hello Dariush
As i knew, i share you things that i have learned:
1- you can use Webstorm of JetBrains. It supports reactjs and has more functions to maintain your React project. It supports another framework too, for example AngularJS…
2- React-Router, Redux, Redux saga (importance) , moment, react-bootstrap-*, react-redux-form, react-redux-loading-bar, react-select, redux-thunk… I give you that keys, you can search in Google for more information.
3- With Webstorm, it help you so much for development react project. in additionally, you can use some tools helping debug like React Developer Tools - a plugin of chrome to show the state, the props, and some information of your app in runtime.
4- In my opinient, learning new framework such as ReactJS, you should read it’s doccument carefully, then practice coding more. Dont be impatient, slow but sure.


(Dwayne) #3

Hey @devlife,

Welcome to React!

I’d say start with the basics and expand from there. If you’re new to React you should be reading the documentation and building side projects. If you find the docs too terse then I highly recommend

While working on your side projects you’d hit some brick walls. At that point you’d need to know specific things to keep the project moving forward. Come back here or elsewhere and ask about those specific questions. You’d learn better that way and we’d also be able to give you more targeted help.