Jscalpel A small feature library that makes it easier to manipulate objects

(Ihtml5) #1

offical site: http://ihtml5.github.io/jscalpel

It is tiny but very useful and can help you handle javascript native objects. Data-driven interface development is very common today, we are in the angular, react, vue will encounter a lot of object processing, including set the default value, query, assignment, etc., scalpel is born for this scene.

jscalpel is little poor, gzip less than 3k, so a library you can use it anytime, anywhere without worrying about anything.

welcome commit pr

(Sloan Thrasher) #2

Is there a link to an English page?

(Ihtml5) #4

@sloanthrasher you can directly read readme

(Ihtml5) #5

Jscalpel updated to 1.2.0