Is there any certification for ReactJS

(Tony Francis) #1

I am looking for certification in ReactJS is there any good certification which I can take ?

(Eric Masiello) #2

No certification I’m aware of but there are lots of trainings out there. For in person I’d check out If you don’t mind online courses, is fantastic. Stephen Grider does a bunch of courses on Udemy as well that I have found to be really good.

(Tony Francis) #3

I took some of these courses.
I was great if there was a certification.

(Jakob Lind) #4

Why do you want to take a certification? I know that certifications are common in the .net community and many companies working with .net use certifications as a way to filter out the best developers for new positions. However there are some major limitations with certification as a recruitment tool. Most companies in React community uses other metrics than certifications to find the best developers. Real work experience is of course the most heavy one. If you lack experience I suggest you start contribute to an open source project in some way. Start with docs, unittests, bugfixes and then features. Thats a great way to learn and demonstrate that you can provide value . That is definitely something recruiters at tech companies values when looking for new candidates

(Tony Francis) #5

It just my organisation wants to be certification and they want certification for frontend for angular and react thats the reason.

(Top Gun) #6

As far as I can understand from my experience, certifications are requirement of nasty HR. Otherwise if you do not know how to practically apply a tool/technology, certifications wont give you any benefit.
In particular when it comes to javascript, its only when you have spent some considerable amount of time and by time I mean at least 2. 3 years of head banging with the code (front end side in particular), only then you are able to make it work in real applications and that’s is what matters in the end. Look for the heads of some giant comps, most have even not completed their graduation, but its just their passion and diving into ocean of coding that today they’ve become legends.
All that matters is devotion and focus.
Happy coding :slight_smile:

(Tiagojdferreira) #7

If a specific company is asking for it, you should address this same question to them. You can explain to them that you checked with the community and that no certification is considered standard, and that you would be more than willing to get any specific certification they ask for.

(Piotr Synowiec) #8

Tony courses on Udemy has certifications at the end selfgenerated after you complete.

(Johnnary) #9

I am able to find an online course with certification by Joe Khoury Certified ReactJS Developer

(Sophie Alpert) #10

As someone on the React team, I don’t know of any certifications for React that I would recommend. I don’t think certification is a good use of time.