Is it possible (or advised) to have react-navigation-eque StackNavigator behavior using react-router-dom?

(Your full name) #1

I’m building a mobile PWA. The designs have navigation identical to react-native apps I’ve built (using react-navigation).

The big thing is probably the page transitions (going to forward/back through the StackNavigator). I can live with not getting the whole “header and back button” functionality you get for free with react-navigation.

Any other issues you see? Has anyone here ever done this before and what headaches did you run into?

Once I saw the navigation structure for this PWA in the mockups, I definitely thought “maybe we should just do a react-native app” because react-navigation makes this sort of thing SO EASY. Is trying to replicate that mobile experience going to be a major undertaking with react-router-dom?

I’ll post my research here as I come across it.

This package seems to have something similar to what I need:

(Diego Molina Vera) #2

First of all, why are you gonna build a PWA if you can’t see the difference between this one and a native app?. They may look the same, but they have a different approach to aboard a different problem. Instead of thinking of which way is easier than the other, you should think which one gives you a heruistic solutions.