I would like to create a forum that functions much like this one

(Alex Millman) #1

Is this code on github or anything? Is there a tutorial series?

(Sophie Alpert) #2

We use the forum software Discourse:

(Alex Millman) #3

Thanks for the reply. Surprised to hear it’s not made with react, but rather ember.

My backend skills are very limited. I would assume creating something myself would be incredibly complex.

(Rafalp) #4

Here’s little something that those looking for forum software with React.js UI may find interesting, that I am working on for last few years.

Be warned though, the frontend’s bloody mess - it was my first time using React for whole app.

Still, the backend (done in Django) is rock-solid and in few weeks I’ll wrap up the work on default theme and move on to improving javascript code.

(Minustwelve) #5

I have a similar problem to Alex - but rather from project owner point of view. As a “no-techy” person - are there any solid arguments as to WHY forums should be built with one framerwork vs another? I would like to at least try to understand the basic differences (pros & cons) of the most popular forum frameworks/scripts used nowadays - from guys who know their stuff.

For example - can you compare https://github.community/ forum with this one in terms of “which one is better”? Do they differ from each other , programatically by a large degree?

If I should post in another topic, let me know - I just want to try and “dive” into programmers minds for a bit :slight_smile:

(Rafalp) #6

Familiarity with software stack is important if you are interested in expanding core solution with custom features or changes. Some people know React.js, others know Ember.js, others Angular. Some know Ruby, others know PHP. Developers tend to bias towards the software that uses technologies they are familiar with.

Btw, GitHub uses Lithium Brands solution for their forums. Its “forum as a service” product sold by Lithium to enterprise clients with pricetag starting at $35000. That’s completely different story to open source forum solutions.