I need your feedback on React application with fetch API Youtube in my github and see demo

(Vitalijs Karpusa) #1

Hey, Looking for you feedback.

I have good example React application with fetch API Youtube, and can be use as React Starter Kit. It easy to run demo.

  • react v15.5.4
  • react-router v4
  • redux
  • ES7 async function and await expression
  • fetch data before component rendering
  • postcss with css modules
  • also other features read on github

github: https://github.com/karpusa/heroku-react-starter-kit
demo: https://heroku-demo-react.herokuapp.com

I want see you sight point on quality of code, improvement, best practices, tips and tricks, experience.

I am trying to collect last things and improve React application from code side.

(Vitalijs Karpusa) #2
  • Updated to React 16.1.1
  • Updated dependencies in package.json to last version
  • Latest React specific linting rules with ESLint enforces React good practices
  • Layout style fix

Nice demo with React and Youtube API on Heroku https://heroku-demo-react.herokuapp.com