(Carlos Pérez Gutiérrez) #1

Hi all, I love (Bulma) [] and I decided to create a set of React stateless components for it. (Bloomer)[ is my first Open Source Project, so I’m searching for tips/comments on how to improve it.

I hope that you enjoy my library, it’s been really cool coding this project.

(David Paul Mc Quiggin) #2

I came across Bloomer.js yesterday - was very impressed, and really appreciated the use of TypeScript.

I`ll be using it on my next application; will give feedback on GitHub. In the meantime, do you have any examples of Bloomer in use…?

(Carlos Pérez Gutiérrez) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:

For the moment I don’t have any examples of Bloomer in use. I know that one person is using it for a PWA and others are using them for personal projects. Since I’m working on next version with styled-components, right now the only example is Bloomer documentation.

I need a section with Where are you using Bloomer?, thanks for the idea.

(Andre Glegg) #4

This is awesome! thanks for sharing I’ll be using it on a project that I’m currently working on.