How to add rows to a table with firebase

(Sam Trent) #1

On git


I’m creating a website for my app that shows the total count of a bus drivers passengers in real time as they use my counting app. I’m using React.js and Firebase to accomplish this.

So far I have been able to only show one row of data in real time. I don’t know how to ask firebase and react to generate new rows for each key that I have in my DB

The Problem:

Due to my inexperience in React, I can’t figure out how to generate a new row for the table as I loop though all of my log children in firebase.


I really have no idea what to do here, its so frustrating because I feel like I’m so close. I think the only thing that I need to do is as firebase is looping though all my children I just need to create a unique row for each iteration. Don’t know how though.

My project is on git, if any one could take a quick look at it and give me some guidance that would be great! Thanks!