How can I develop a bar ordering system with React?

(Lucas) #1

hello! I’m really new to javascript but i guess react is today’s best option of development tools.

anyway I want to know if react is a good choice to make a simple automated ordering system for a bar, and How to make it (my english is bad so i hope i’m making sense).


(Marco Suárez) #2

It’s important to remember that ReactJS is a Front-end library, so it will only be useful for the user interface of your system.

Now, if you want a dynamic UI, ReactJS is a very good choice, on how to make it, there’s not much help I can give you, there are many ways to develop any system, everything depends on how you want it to be and your skill, if you’re new to JavaScript you should start learning raw JavaScript, when you think you know enough, you can then move to libraries and frameworks.