High performance infinite scrolling the drop down loading

(Yuanzhhh) #1


Waterfalls flow react demo simulate
By using Redux + react-redux + styled-components + immutable.js

Run dev condition

Dev images server is koa2node v8.x
Packaging webpack3



# install node_modules
git clone https://github.com/yuanzhhh/Anthem.git && cd Anthem
npm install

# dev
npm run dev

# build for production
npm run build

(Truong Quang Noi) #2

Thank for share, i bookmarked this for use in some day

(Mklarmann) #3

Thank you a lot for sharing. I was just researching if it is possible to capture an elements position against a scroll behavior without using “findDomNode”. I am new to this, I have been reading it is not recommended - but would there be a way around it, in your example?

(Yuanzhhh) #4

Thank you, which reminds me, I have deleted in the latest code using dependency on findDomNode, changed to ref.