Facebook supported libraries for the future?

(Aliakakis) #1

We are using React for a project but we are more or less worried that a lot of the libraries we are using might stop development one way or another in the future. Granted React Router is great but migration from 0.3.x to 0.4.x caught us of guard. Is Facebook considering down the road to provide some simple tools e.g. routing, http client etc?

(Leone) #2

As for simple HTTP client, I don’t think you guys need to worry. There are plenty of such small tools to choose from independent of react. Plus, most recent browsers have built-in http client support (fetch).

So, in such react-independent libraries, I think, you guys should assess the future of that specific library you are using.

However, I think routing and state management are, for the most part, react specific (I know some can be used outside of react’s scope). And I think activity in those areas will affect a software developed using react as a whole.

And for react-router, yes, it caught me off guard as well. And lack of clear documentation made it hard for me to work on it. But a year ago (Mar 2016) the react-router guys said this.

(Aliakakis) #3

Thank you for the reply. We have some difficult time convincing the business side because of this.