Extend built react app

(DxIt) #1

I’m working on a dashboard framework built with react.
In a nutshell, the dashboard is built on services, data sources and widgets.
Right now I have a ‘services’, ‘dataSources’ and ‘widgets’ folders inside the project where I’ve implemented basic ones.
Now I would like to share the dashboard with other departments and give them the ability to create their custom widgets, data sources and services but I’d not share the source code of the dashboard letting them to build the project by themselves.
Sharing the source code would not be a problem, but I want a control on the framework code.
The basic idea here would be organizing the project in two parts, ‘framework’ and ‘3rdparty-extensions’.
The question is: which is the best way to meet my objectives?
The 3dparty in any case will have to import components defined in the ‘framework’.

Hope the question is clear,