Exposing a component from the native side to the javascript side on an open source module

(Marvin Frachet) #1

I’m actually building a React Native component library that aims to provide something similar to React DOM portals using a declarative API.

This module has been extracted from a big brownfield project, where it’s working as expected.

By now, I’m trying to make it as an open source library but I’m facing some problems.

I’m not able to expose anything through the bridge, and I’m even not sure if I’ve well prepared the native side.

I’m looking for some help for:

  • reviewing the native side
  • help to expose the natives component to the real world
  • know if this could be helpful in your own projects.

Here’s the repository : https://github.com/mfrachet/rn-reparentable

And I hope I’m posting in the right section, I’m not used to work on this kind of forum :thinking: