Discourse alternative for React.js

(Mark) #1

This is a slightly Meta question, as I came here to see how React.js had implemented their discussion board so I could use something similar on my own website built with React.

I was surprised to see that this board is using Ember.js, as it uses Discourse. Although Discourse is a popular choice for discussion boards, I’d prefer not to add another framework dependency to my website.

Are there any better Discourse alternatives for a React website, or is Discourse still be the recommended approach?

(Sophie Alpert) #2

This came up a bit when we first launched the forum. The forum is a separate part of the website so I don’t feel that it’s important to use the same technologies as outside the forum. Even if Discourse used React you might want your own version so that you can version them independently. (Also, Ember is a great framework and I wouldn’t fault anyone for using it!)

(Mark) #3

It looks like Discourse is intended to be used as a standalone build separate to the parent website, so perhaps the framework of choice is irrelevant.

I suppose what I’m looking for is a more componetised approach to a discussion board, or just a rich comment component that could be built upon to provide more discussion-like features. I haven’t found much besides basic form helpers, which don’t help with richer features like image attachments.

Maybe it was wishful thinking that I’d find an all-in-one solution, I’ll be sure to share my own attempts at building such a thing if they go well.

(MAdz) #4

Hi old thread, but did you manage to find a discourse alternative in React?

(Rafalp) #5

I’m developing Misago using React.js and Redux for frontend. Its not completely up to snuff in JS quality, but with Bootstrap 4 nearing final release and reactstrap catching up with it I’ve started work on improving project’s frontend and I’m expecting it to land somewhere in Q2 of 2018.