Developing in public networks: Configurable Bundle URL

(Omar Diab) #1

Hello! How do people go about developing in a public network that doesn’t allow peer-to-peer network connections? Since localhost:8081 isn’t accessible to my iPhone due to the wifi setup in cafes and public places, I have to rebuild from XCode every time I change something… such a pain.

I was thinking about using ngrok to expose the bundler publicly, but it doesn’t seem like configuring react-native to refer to a different URL than localhost:8081 is particularly easy either.

On Android there’s no problem—adb can make a tunnel between the device and the phone over usb. But I don’t know of any way to do that with iOS. maybe I just need to set up a VPN for development purposes?

anyway if anyone else has thought about this problem, I’d love to hear. Looks like there are related issues for different problems like this one.