Creating a PDF Viewer in React

(daraclare) #1

Hi all, I’m looking for a PDF viewer for a React project I’m working on. Basically, I need the user to be able to view PDFs and cycle through the pages, preferably with thumbnails to the side, like in Acrobat Reader or similar. I’ve looked at react-pdf, but if anyone has any other solutions, I’d really appreciate the advice.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

(daraclare) #2

Hi all, to add to my question above, we have a new requirement from the client in which a user can add notes to a PDF and save their changes, does anyone know if there is an existing library to help with this?

Thanks in advance!

(Ivan Lolivier) #3

daraclare, do you have any progress with this? I need the same.

(daraclare) #4

Apologies Ivan, I just saw your message. No, we ended up changing the app, for other reasons, and using HTML. Sorry I wasn’t more useful.